Things I should have done ages ago #5

Taken this for a drive.

Bought the car in February 2011.

Last registered August 2007.











Time to get this thing driveable.

Currently leaks:


Plus guard rub, no radiator fan, no RPM gauge, stock ECU and no O2 sensor so plugs get fouled every couple of starts…

Idle is only adjustable via the cable tension, so is fiddly to set up correctly and is affected by every vacuum leak I track down, so is way too high in the above video.

Need seat belts too before I can really try it out to see the health of the engine and drivetrain (the big unknown considering I have not touched the bottom end or gearbox during this build).

Oh and a boost gauge considering I don’t know what spring is in the external wastegate.

Plus a tune eventually of some sort I guess? Haven’t quite figured that part out yet.

Things I should have done ages ago #4

DIY Pressure Bleeder.



This thing is definitely my new favourite toy. Cost all of $30 to build, takes the hassle out of bleeding.

Managed to get all of the air out of the system in the silver N13, the pedal would still sink to the floor despite having bleed it 3 times with the traditional one person method (master cylinder run dry). With the pressure bleeder in 10mins the pedal was rock solid.

It will also work on the hydraulic clutch in the Libero too.

No way will I ever manually bleed a car ever again.

Things I should have done ages ago #3

Shifter rebuild.


The shifter that came with the manual conversion had slop in the usual places, not to be unexpected with 20 year old parts. Finally rebuilt it with new bushings ala this video:


Just getting some parts back to original spec makes such a big difference. When doing the pre-cert there was a small amount of play in the inner tie rods. They probably would have been good enough to pass, but I replaced them anyway. Those alone changed the feel of the car more than anything else in the suspension setup including the coilovers.

As far as improving on stock I also did ye old solid mount conversion for both the base and cables ala Jafro’s video: