Now What

New 50mm shorter shocks to keep the rear springs captive.

Adjusted the panhard rod to re-centre the diff.

Managed to roll the rear guards without flaring the lip.

Clean sheet WOF.

Exterior: done

Interior: done

Suspension: done

Brakes: done

Wheels: done

Driveline: a little sad, needs work

Engine: ????

Turbo: ????

Interior Loom

Been putting this one off for a while, and for good reason.

Oh boy.


Oh. Boy.


Working on electrics in the rain like an absolute mad man.




It might not look like much, but this was three days of solid work.

Every controller / gauge / switch is now on its own separate sub loom, unplugable and easy to fault find. As oposed to the previous ad hoc approach where everything was soldered to the radio ACC power feed resulting in the untraceable, tangled mess.