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East coast New Zealand.


Desk jockey by day, grease monkey by night.


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Project Libero




TD05 16G

38mm Tial External Wastegate

Custom Intake / Exhaust

Evo exterior / interior / gearbox / injectors / ecu / etc

Plans: tune, lower, wider, 4 pot fronts, stroker build off


A long term project. Created by Simon, continued on by myself. Watch this space.










Project Milano

♪♪Twin Cam Europe♪♪ for the discerning gentlemen.


Top mount T28

38mm External Wastegate

2.5″ downpipe

Waste Spark

VLSD Gearbox

RB20DET Fuel pump

Plans: Adjustable suspension, 14×8 steels


As a poor university student in the year 2006 I was looking for a cheap, reliable car to use to get myself from A to B.  On a trip to the workshop for the Libero with Simon I happened to see an N13 been repaired (that should have been a warning) which I fell in love with. Only a couple of months later I happened to come accross it for sale and against my better judgement and to the disdain of Simon, I brought it.









The car was a complete lemon. It was obvious it had had a hard life and the results of which were about to rear its ugly head the moment I brought it. These things are well known for poping 5th gear which it promptly did, good ol’ Nissans. And so, with among other issues, it went into storage for the indefinate future.

Four years passed and it was 2010.  A side from a half baked thieft attempt the car had remained completely untouched.  With the promise of graduating uni I dreamed again of modest plans to tidy it up and return the car to the road in order to get me around while the Libero was worked on. It started out well.

In went a VLSD box to replace the broken open diff one. An exhaust to replace the one that was now nothing but rust. The rubbish respray was redone in a slightly less rubbish outside in-the-middle-of-winter job. However as usual, things got out of hand.









After watching a 450hp on 1.5bar N13 boosting around the highways of Greece on youtube I knew I was never going to be content with a CA16DE daily. What to do? Oh look, theres one for sale. How convenient.

The silver one sat for sale for 6 months before I caved. The deal was just too good and the car was in much better condition than mine to pass up.  The fact alone that the spares it came with made up the purchase price was a bonus. The previous owner had run it with a T25, had great dreams of upping things which got derailed and then sat in his garage for 3 years. Out of two dead projects I hope to make a swan.


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